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Privately Funded Support

Study Skills and Life Coaching


Optimum Student Support has highly experienced study & life skills coaches to guide students and young people to give them the various skills they need, to apply to their learning or life challenges. These skills are fundamental to success in education and useful for learning throughout one’s life.

Study skills are discrete techniques that can enhance a student’s ability to study. The range of skills taught, help students to tackle the process of any difficulties they may face towards their studies. These can include:

  • organisation
  • time management
  • motivational techniques
  • taking in and retaining information or dealing with exams
  • coping with anxiety and stressful situations
  • how to deal with concentration difficulties
  • goal setting
  • timetabling
  • prioritising workload
  • creating a suitable study-life balance

The techniques applied in our study skills sessions can include mnemonics, which aid the retention of lists of information, effective reading, concentration techniques, efficient note-taking, revision techniques, concept mapping and visual imagery.

Life skills are techniques which give young people the necessary tools and help to promote positive wellbeing and behaviour, enabling young people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life and achieve their goals. These skills are fundamental in aiding wellbeing and positive mental health. 

Common issues include:

  • Lack of assertiveness/ability to say no (or yes)
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Managing anger
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • We have over 20 years experience in helping students and individuals achieve their best

  • All of our staff are highly qualified and trained in their field

  • Individually tailored academic and mental health support

Success stories

  • I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to receive specialist mentoring because of the wonderful personalised support that has helped me get through university

    Some days I’ve been feeling down, but after my session I leave feeling infinitely better because it’s an outlet for whatever’s on my mind and my mentor’s warmth and enthusiasm is really uplifting.

    Cansu T, Zoology Student

  • With the help of my mentor I have done things I didn't think I'd be able to

    like present a poster at a conference, and now, I am a PhD student and the happiest I’ve ever been.

    Oliver B , Phd Student

  • When I first came to university, I was extremely anxious having never been away from home

    My mentor has been instrumental in helping me deal with various concerns by talking through them and coming up with strategies to help manage them.

    Vincent S , Phd Student, Robotics

  • I feel more in control

    With time I let myself slowly face the situations that used to paralyze me. I am now back at work and have reconnected with my friends. I started with meeting out in the open to now being able to have a drink in a bar. I feel happy and back in control.

    Mark R , Tewkesbury

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